Associate Spotlight – Marjorie Toscano

We’re thrilled to announce that Marjorie Toscano has been selected as the Be Epic Champion of the Year! Despite being unable to attend GPR’s Best of the Best event in Carlsbad, we celebrated her achievements right here at San Clemente Inn with the entire team.

Marjorie and Amanda posing with award

Marjorie embodies the spirit of hard work and dedication that defines the San Clemente Inn. Over the past decade, she has emerged as a candid leader among her colleagues, inspiring those around her with her tireless work ethic. Her commitment to service goes above and beyond, ensuring that every guest’s needs are not just met, but exceeded. Marjorie’s personal touch creates an atmosphere where visitors feel truly cared for, fostering loyalty and repeat business. She is known for her attention to detail, whether it’s in holiday decorations, artful towel origami, or meticulous room inspections, understanding that every aspect contributes to an exceptional guest experience. Fluent in three languages – Tagalog, Spanish, and English – Marjorie effectively communicates with team members and guests alike.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Marjorie is a devoted wife and mother who finds joy in life’s simple moments, particularly watching her son play soccer. It’s clear that Marjorie brings the same level of dedication to her family as she does to her work, making her an invaluable asset to our team. The world needs more Marjories!

Marjorie receiving award from Amanda

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