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A Brief History of San Clemente, CA

The city of San Clemente encompasses 15 square miles of both coastlines and scenic foothills. The area though long admired by explorers remained almost uninhabited until the year 1776. At that time, Mission San Juan Capistrano was founded by Father Jiipero Serra. This establishment resulted in both Indian and Spanish settlements nearby.

Though rights to the property changed hands several times, few attempted to build on it until Ole Hanson, former mayor of Seattle, purchased it in 1925. From that point, he designed a 2,000 acre community. Hanson believed that the gorgeous beaches, inviting climate and bountiful soil would serve as a haven to California residents that were tired of city life. He decided to name the city “San Clemente” San Clemente island. The island itself was named by the explorer Vizcaino in 1602 as a tribute to Saint Clement, the patron saint of November 23rd (the day he arrived on the island).

Ole Hanson worked tirelessly promoting the beauty and benefits of the area while selling property to interested buyers. His vision for “San Clemente by the Sea” was to build structures in the classic Spanish style with red tile roofs. He built many public structures including the Beach Club, the Community Center, the iconic pier as well as the Max Berg Plaza Park. All of these properties were eventually donated to the city and the area was incorporated on February 27th 1928.
In 1969, former President Richard Nixon purchased a Spanish mansion in the southern part of town which was originally built by Hamilton Cotton in 1927. This purchase was a boon to the growing reputation of San Clemente and helped accelerate the community's growth. Known as “The Western Whitehouse”, it because the site of many historical meetings.
Despite the subsequent rapid growth, San Clemente today manages to maintain its small-town atmosphere. The community is now home to a TRW plant, which is located a little north of the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS) as well as camp Pendleton. This is surrounded on the east side by the Cleveland National Forest and the west by the beautiful Pacific Ocean. San Clemente is host to two annual festivals. The Fiesta La Cristianita, which celebrates the first Californian Christian baptism. This includes a block party as well as a parade. In addition, the Ocean Festival features three full days of both aquatic and endurance competition.
Waterside View — San Clemente Inn in San Clemente, CA
San Clemente's population and service area are expected to more than double over the next 20 years as various development projects in the back country reach fruition. In additional to residential projects, the development will include commercial and retail as well. San Clemente boast some of the world's best climate with an average of sunshine 342 days a year.
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