San Clemente Pier

Welcome to the crown jewel of San Clemente: the San Clemente Pier. Stretching 1,296 feet into the Pacific Ocean, this iconic landmark proudly reflects the city’s rich maritime heritage. Originally built in 1928 as part of Ole Hanson’s visionary tourism promotion project, the pier has since become integrated with the coastal charm of San Clemente 

Aerial view of San Clemente and the pier

As San Clemente’s premier attraction, the pier offers an unforgettable experience for visitors seeking breathtaking views and leisurely pursuits. Whether it’s by the panoramic views of the coastal town, enjoying a sunset stroll, watching surfers carve through waves, or casting a line into the waters below, the pier is a great place to spend a day by the ocean.

The pier is also home to Fisherman’s Restaurant and Bar, where you can grub on delicious food accompanied by breathtaking ocean views.

couple on the san clemente pier